Grip/Electric List
AUP Grip TruckIt takes a special crew to work grip/electric, it takes an Alaska crew to do it in below Zero degree temperatures. Alaska Universal Productions is home of the Frozen Grips.  Feature Films, reality tv, commercial, documentary,  independent projects; we work them all, just give us a call to put together a package for your project.

Below is a list of our G/E equipment.  We have a ‘Sprinter’ style van and a 5- ton truck.

We also have expendables in stock in our store.

1- 6x Kit- Solid, Single, Double, Silk, B/W Griff
1- 8x Kit- Solid, Single, Double, Silk
1- 8x Extras- B/W Griff, Chroma Green
1- 12x Kit- Solid, Single, Double, Silk

1- Single (Slip on)
1- Double (Slip on)
4- Solid Floppy
1- Silk
4- Open Frames

4’x4′ silver shiny board
Bead Board Bounce (multiple sizes)

4- Solid
2- Single
2- Double
2- Silk
1- Celo Cucaloris
1- Wood Cucaloris

4- Solid
2- Single
2- Double
2- Silk
1- Celo Cucaloris
1- Wood Cucaloris

Baby Hardware
Baby Nail on Plates- 3″
Baby Offset Arms
Baby Pin Scissor Clamps
2″ Putty Knife w/ Baby pins
Baby Pin Pipe Clamps
Cardelini End Clamps
Chain Vice w/ Baby Pins
Chain Vices
Gaffer Grip/Gator Grips
Duck Bills
Baby to Jr Adapters

Shot/Sand Bags
20- 20# Shot Bags
3- 20# Sand bag

CP200 Radios
Surveilance kits
Handset Mics

11- 40″ C-Stands
1- 40″ Turtle Base C-stand
1- 20″ C-Stand
1- 20″ Turtle Base C-stand
3- Heavy Duty Combos
2- Low Boy Combos
2- Beefy Baby’s

Jr. Grip
Lolli Pops
Jr. Pipe Clamp
6″ C-Clamps, Jr.
Jr. Offset Arm
Jr. Nail on Plate

Misc. Grip
Bead Board Holder
2×4 Wall Spreader
2×6 Wall Spreader
Speed Rail Wall Spreader
Menace Arm setsWood
Crate of Wedges
Crate of Cribbing
Cup Blocks
Misc. Lumber
Ladders- 6′, 8′, 12′

1- Doorway Dolly (American)
2- 8′ Straight Track
1- 6′ Straight Track
1- 4′ Straight Track
1- Skateboard Wheel Troft- 32 Wheel

Kino Flo 4′ Gaffer Kit (2- 4×4 Kinos with Ballasts)
Arri 5 Light kit with Chimera (150, 350, 640, 750w)
ETC Sensor 24×2.4k Dimmer
Par 64’s
Source 4 Lekos (difference lenses available)
HMI’s upon request

12″ Box Truss (10′, 8′, 5′, 2.5′)
Universal Truss Corners
Manual Chain Hoists
Deck Chain
Steel Cabling
Block & Fall